• Rubber Heater

    Rubber Industries

    MARATHON HEATER (INDIA) PVT. LTD. component heaters deliver the ideal solutions regarding speed and performance problems in vacuum press, gaskets, boots

  • Plastics Extrusion

    Industrial heaters play a substantial role in plastic processing by softening polymers in order to shape it into the desired

  • Packaging

    Both component and process heaters are used extensively in the OEM and end user packaging machine environments. The process of

  • Metalworking And Casting

    Electric heating prior to metalworking is well accepted in the forging and extrusion industries. It is readily adapted through preheating

  • Food Processing

    For decades, the food industry has been in a continuous need of heating equipments in the food processing as well

  • Defence Industry

    The defense industry is in a constant need and frequently uses precise heating equipment for many applications. Flanged immersion heaters are used

  • Building & Construction

    Heaters find application in many types of equipment used in the building and construction industry. vPime motto of our products

  • Automobile Manufacturing

    Electric heating is used as thermosetting adhesives for making certain automobile parts, such as clutch plates and break shoes. As

  • Metal Processing Industry

    Ore processing facilities require temperature maintenance in furnaces and containers. Marathon Heater products are manufactured to last in corrosive areas often found

  • Power Plants

    As global energy demand increases, the sustainable conventional and renewable power generation plants must be optimized to maintain a balance

  • Chemical Industries

    The chemical processing industry is unceasingly evolving and has been one of the fastest thriving markets internationally. Processing chemical mixtures

  • Oil & Gas Industry

    Oil and gas industry has transformed to a huge extent in recent years, both onshore and offshore. Innovations have led