Chemical Industries

The chemical processing industry is unceasingly evolving and has been one of the fastest thriving markets internationally. Processing chemical mixtures requires heating elements to allow for even flow heat transfers along an entire area. From start to finish, thermal technology solutions can help in achieving improved productivity, optimize the performance and life of critical equipment, increase process up-time, help reduce costs and waste, improve safety, support cost-effective regulatory compliance, ensure speedy completion and continued successful results.

To apply a gradual heat to a container with proper insulating factors, Immersion heaters are used for process water applications. Customized watt densities are available for heat-sensitive materials.

For operating at lower watt densities and acidic environments, Flanged heaters are used to prevent erosion of sheaths in large containers.

In parts of the plant which require controlling, Circulation heaters are used. High-energy efficiency, fast heating, uniform heat distribution, high turn- down capability, tight outlet temperature control, and variable flow rates are some features of these heaters. Variety of electrical terminal enclosures is available to meet the requirements of your application.

For smaller tanks, Screw plug heaters are used due to easy maintenance.

Containers that do not have access openings, use Over the side heaters, where they can rest on the side of the tank wall and emanate heat to the extremities of the tank basin. Horizontal heating elements at the bottom of the tank heat up the chemical mixture from the bottom. Legs or spacers are provided to prevent contact with the surface. Different sheath materials are used according to the medium to be heated. For example stainless steel sheath is used for heating copper sulphate, detergents, soda, caustic soda etc. Copper sheaths are used for heating clean water with pH 6 to 8. Steel sheath are used for heating medium weight oils and heat transfer fluids. Benefits of over the side heaters include the ability to move the element to several tanks, reducing overall costs of purchasing more than one heater for your application.