Food Processing

For decades, the food industry has been in a continuous need of heating equipments in the food processing as well as the service sector. Being the leader in thermal system design, Marathon Heater has supplied complete solutions for fryers, ovens, grills and many more. End users have been greatly benefited through electric heaters supplied by us in the form of increased energy efficiency, easy operation, consistency, reliable food quality and lower maintenance.

Tubular heater helps to maintain food temperature at the desired value in the kitchen appliances. In addition these heaters are ideal for freezer door gaskets, drain line freeze protection, and defrost applications. In applications requiring direct contact heating of water such as dishwashers, immersion heaters are designed to fit. Options of flanged or screw plug with controllers such as thermostats or RTD makes them versatile for customization.  Boilers, convection ovens, equipment storage cabinets and stainless steel utility have tubular elements installed for even heat distribution. Cold buffet tables often use multiple stainless steel screw plug elements installed horizontally to offer even heat distribution within the heated area. In difficult applications where there is tight space and obstacles such as notches, mounting holes and brackets are present around, direct contact heating is highly recommended. Silicone rubber heaters find usefulness in such situations, in low to medium temperatures, for optimal performance. A variety of shape and contour fittings meets a broad range of specifications. Strip heaters are easy to install heating elements for heating surfaces through conduction or convection. Many sheath materials, termination styles, operating temperatures, sizes, voltages, wattage ratings, and mounting configurations are available. A number of standard and custom controllers are provided that can be used in a variety of foodservice equipment, from deep fryers, ovens, and warmers, to hot plates and steam tables. Tempwatt does custom-designing of controllers for your unique foodservice equipment application.

Apart from these, heaters in commercial kitchens have become the new trend in technology market. Be it fryers, ovens, grills, griddles, toasters, dishwashers or ware washers, industrial heating equipments have found their way through the front door.

  • Quick serve electric fryers have revolutionized the concept of frying. Minimized cooking and oil degradation, sensor control and power switching are some of the advanced features of electric heaters.
  • A variety of ovens such as rotisseries, combi and convection have different heating solutions to run these equipments more efficiently.
  • Thermal solutions for grills, griddles and toasters including smooth griddle side and grooved plated grill side are readily available. Tubular heaters can also be used in sandwich and panini griddles that have recently earned their way into many commercial kitchens.  
  • In dishwashing and ware washing, tubular heaters act as the electric heat component in a steam booster heater while immersion heater heats the water used to clean the dishes.