Laboratory & Analytical Industry

Laboratory have the simplest to the most complex equipment used in application, every application demands a reliable control of heat. With our experienced team and advanced manufacturing facilities, we provide the right solution on time. Measurement, detection, sampling and monitoring equipment’s in laboratories such as ovens, sterilization etc. demand accuracy and repeatability. Industrial heaters can prove to be an asset to it. Different electric heating elements are suitable in various instruments and equipments. Every laboratory be it a research lab, government or private company lab, university lab, clinical diagnostics lab or forensic lab, should meet new analysis and instrumentation expectations.

Some examples are quoted here for reference.

1) Cartridge heaters with internal thermocouples are also used to heat interior hospital beds and infant beds.

2) Hemodialysis machines (kidney dialysis machines) use cartridge heaters to help provide gentle thermal heat transfer to delicate fluids.

3) Small tubular elements are used in infant clinics to help keep infants warm and comfortable in small basins (such as beds or cubicles).

4) Medical equipments contain Cartridge heaters, tubular heaters for respiratory therapy equipment as well.

5) Cartridge heaters are used by radiologists and X-ray technicians that require high limit thermocouples to help regulate temperature.

6) Silicone rubber heaters are used in medical laboratories in an effort to reduce condensation and humidity that can form with patient samples.

7) Silicone rubber heaters are also used to provide efficient heat transfer to medical components and are easily replaceable during machine maintenance. They are integrated with mechanical thermostats into the silicone pad and have custom made Teflon leads.

8) Strip, ring and disc heating elements are used for incubators, tube furnaces, air showers, water baths and hot plates.

Silicone laminate/flexible heating elements find use in applications requiring low to medium temperatures, such as ultrasonic cleaners and heating mantels and tapes.

9) Tubular heaters transfer heat exceptionally well by convection (for air showers, autoclaves, sterilizers, muffle furnaces, tube furnaces), by radiant heating (for autoclaves, incubators), and by conduction (for hot plates, block heaters, ultrasonic heaters, heated stirrers).