Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas industry has transformed to a huge extent in recent years, both onshore and offshore. Innovations have led this industry to find and extract resources more efficiently,  in far off locations and at greater depths. Supporting innovations, advanced thermal technology solutions assist the entire oil and gas supply chain. High temperatures are desired in petrochemicals in order to maintain its viscosity in external environments as well process applications. Our thermal solutions support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), after-treatment system integrators, retrofitters of over-the-road, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, and off-road construction. Integrated with application-specific sensors, controllers, control panels and heater components, it is an ideal solution for processing oil and gas. Process application specific solutions are provided for complex problems in order to ensure an ideal fit.

From heating plain water to corrosive solutions, highly viscous oils, and for many specialized applications such as high-pressure and hazardous locations, Immersion heaters are one of the most important sources. Based on the principle of direct heating, required temperatures can be quickly attained whether it be flanged or screw plug. They have a lot of importance in almost every industry where companies need fast heating up time. Immersion heaters are also assistive in keeping liquid above freezing temperature, especially in winter where, fluids freeze faster and maintaining their condition becomes difficult.

Flanged immersion heaters are useful for water-based, chemical and petroleum industries to direct transfer heat to the liquid. ANSI rated flange provided with bugle tubular elements or many hairpin elements maintain the desired temperature. A thermowell is incorporated along with RTD, to communicate temperature readings to the digital controller. 

Screw plug immersion heaters are the easiest source to heat up liquids in small containers. Digital controllers or thermostats are normally used to sustain the target temperature with effectiveness and accuracy.

Pipe Heaters also known as drywell heaters, based on indirect heating, use pipe for heating. Designed to easily fit in standardized two or three inches schedule 40 NPS measured pipes, they can provide low watt densities for mediums like wax, think fluids like corrosive mediums, tar and molasses. Its maintenance is a simplified process as tanks don’t have to be emptied while replacing.
Pipe heaters have a advantageous feature of withstanding in extreme heat and therefore, can be easily used to heat corrosive liquids, fluids with higher viscosity and heavy bunker fuel oils.              

Over the side immersion heaters are installed where holes or spaces are not available for insertion in the medium. Famed for practical, commercial and economic purposes, these heaters are available in different sizes and shapes to compliment the requirements of the customer. It consists of multiple tubular elements and precision instrument that hold the temperature probe. Control panels can also be used with high limit controllers to help stabilize temperatures for improved performance.

Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry:

  • Off shore drilling
  • On shore drilling
  • Down hole Heating
  • Hydraulic Fracturing