Power Plants

As global energy demand increases, the sustainable conventional and renewable power generation plants must be optimized to maintain a balance between supply and demand. Integrated heat supply and control technologies are provided by us for engineering expertise and best in class products. Reliability, quality management, experienced commissioning are the outstanding features of Marathon Heater Pvt. Ltd. to name a few. To maintain sustainability, efficiency is to be maximized while emissions have to be minimized, so industrial heaters provide rugged, exacting, reliable heat exactly where it’s needed.  

Power generation plants require different range of heaters for their continued operation of the process. Flanged immersion heaters are ideal for process applications such as water wash due to inclusion of stainless steel sheaths and thermowells in it. In order to heat air fed into combustion and prevent condensation, Duct heaters are used for this particular process. Apart from these, process air heaters for inlet housing, circulation heaters for superheating, flanged immersion heaters for sulphur reduction are some other application areas for industrial heaters. Thermocouple sensors, electronic PID temperature controls, and SCR power panels are incorporated in the plant to minimize the possibility of heater damage from operation during over-temperature conditions. We supply engineering design and support services and products for many applications including catalytic cracking and regeneration, gas dehydration, gas sweetening and others requiring technical thermal expertise and application design knowledge.

Precision Electric Heat and Control Systems for Coal-Fired Power Generation Plants are manufactured, installed and commissioned by us. Some applications of heaters include large electric duct heaters for warming incoming air that is mixed with pulverized coal for efficient combustion, high-temperature metal-sheathed heating cable used for freeze protection on high-pressure steam piping in hazardous-rated areas, Compact and low-pressure electric steam boilers provide on-demand steam supplies for super critical times during start up and peak demands, Immersion heaters warm lube oil for lubrication of bearings and moving components of turbines and compressors. Also, sensors, electronic temperature control units, and SCR power switching panels minimize temperature swings to increase life of the heaters and tighter control. 

Other power generation plants and their subsystems where heaters play a useful role are nuclear power plants, pollution control systems and cogeneration power plants.

Energy from Photovoltaic cells is the new technological trends in power generation due to the increased focus on renewable energy. As PV module manufacturing methods continue to evolve, achieving superior thermal process performance has become a necessity. Excessive variation in temperature during the process can lead to innumerable problems including warped or broken substrates, inconsistent layer thickness during deposition, poor penetration during diffusion or incomplete chemical reactions. All of these issues can lead to increased tact times, lower yields and increased cost per module. Process heaters such as Immersion heaters or bundle rod heaters can be used for direct and indirect chamber heating in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Component heaters such as strip heaters or band heaters can be integrated into more complex heating systems providing a complete thermal solution for your heating requirements.