Plastic packaging machine

Cartridge Heaters’ Significance in Plastic Industry

Plastic is a strong as well as lightweight material composed of a wide range of organic compounds that are ductile and can be molded into different shapes. The plastics industry has diverse applications in transport, aerospace, electronics, construction, military, medical, packaging industry, etc. Heating is an important part of the whole process in the plastic as well as packaging industry.

Heating elements manufactured by Marathon Heaters are widely used in packaging industry. Cartridge heaters play an important role in plastic processing by softening them so that they can be shaped into the desired shape.


  • Appropriate for temperatures up to 400oC.
  • Offers a wide range of diameters and lengths.
  • Thermocouples as well as accurate digital controllers are used to maintain temperatures.
  • Swaged construction compacts the magnesium oxide (MgO) that act as a dielectric.
  • Sealed end disc to avoid contamination and control moisture absorption as well.
  • Efficient as well as productive energy transfer.
High watt density cartridge heater
Cartridge heater

Applications of Cartridge Heaters in Plastic Industry:

  • Form fill and seal: Most often used in the packaging industry for food. The machine dispenses the plastic bags and pouches out of a flat roll of film while concurrently filling the bags with food as well as sealing the filled bags.
  • Portion Packaging: This machine includes a cartridge heater for softening the plastic used in packaging.
  • Tamper proof: Durable as well as secure packaging in the medical, food and beverage, consumer goods, as well as cosmetics industries.
  • Thermoforming: Process of heating plastic sheet and then reforming into the desired shape.
  • Plastic welding: Used to connect various pieces of plastic together using a weld.

Marathon Heaters manufactures, and provides heating systems using a wide range of latest technologies. Our heating systems are suitable for a diverse range of industrial applications in different sectors, all with the level of accuracy needed by manufacturers. Visit us at to know more on cartridge heaters.