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Electric Heat Tracing Solutions for Highly Viscous Fluid – Chocolate Industry

Why do you need heat tracing cable?

The creation of good quality chocolate items necessitates that the chocolate be kept in a liquid state during different phases of the assembling interaction without corrupting because of temperature vacillations, which adversely sway movability and consistency and have an impact in changing dampness content. Inability to keep up with the defined temperature and could bring about helpless item quality or damage of expensive gear like valves, siphons, and blowers.

How can be Heat tracing cable help?

Electric Heat Tracing is a design intended to keep up with and ensure the defined temperature on process pipe, equipment, and vessels within specified design criteria. Electric heat Trace cables are used to maintain temperature of non-flowing fluids by replacing the heat lost through thermal insulation on pipes and vessels.

Throughout the production process of high-quality chocolate products, chocolate should remain liquid and maintain a constant temperature and the Temperature fluctuations during processing have a direct impact on the quality of the product. To maintain high-quality consistency and taste characteristics in a fluid state, the temperature in the narrow channel needs to be maintained between 40°C and 45°C.

After mixing the raw materials and ingredients, they are refined-heating to 90 °C with constant stirring. After that, the raw chocolate bars must be transported without solidifying. This requires a continuous, uninterrupted heating chain to maintain the temperature of pipes, valves, pumps, containers, processing plants, metering and filling machines. Complex paths of transport requires heat tracing on tank containers.

Fluctuations in temperature directly affect the texture and quality of chocolate and also have a negative impact on machines and processing plants. Should chocolate become viscous, this can block the sensitive devices and interrupt the production process. Electrical heat tracing is used to keep chocolate at a homogenous, flowable temperature and keep it that way along the entire transport path from container or vessel to the final processing step.

Designing, planning, installation, and commissioning of the entire Electrical Heat Tracing solutions comes from one source and is based on Marathon’s an engineering and production facilities for Heat Trace products and systems. This ensures reliability and continuous, easy chain of heating performance and allows to keep away from downtime inside the manufacturing process.

Marathon Heater supply Heat Tracing Cable for pipelines to ensure optimum temperature maintenance is achieved and losses can be eliminated for the chocolate production process. We can design and supply electrical heat tracing systems for process temperature maintenance in commercial, industrial and hazardous area applications.