Floor Heating Mats

Stepping on the comfortable and warm floor mat takes the chills away and helps you feel relaxed. Marathon heater brings in the most trusted and tested range of underfloor heating mats that combine the feeling of comfort with technology-making sure you get the most energy-efficient electric heated floor mat installed in your home. Working on the principle of radiant heating, electric underfloor heating mats can quickly add warmth to any indoor-outdoor space. The best part is that these heating mats can help you save 20%-40% more energy compared to the other heating systems. 

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    Our Products

    10 watt / meter,XLPE Core insulation, TPC 1.0mm (Solid) Earth Wire, Power output 100 Watt / Meter²

    15.7 watt / meter, FEP Core insulation, Multi-strand 0.5mm² Earth Wire, Power output 150 Watt / Meter²

    17.0 watt / meter, XLPE Core Insulation, TPC 1.0mm² (Solid) Earth Wire, 200 Watt / Meter²

    3.0 watt / foot, ETFE Core Insulation, Multi-strand Earth Wire, Power Output 12 Watt / Foot²

    3.0 watt / foot, ETFE Core Insulation, Multi-strand Earth Wire, Power Output 12 Watt / Foot²

    About Us

    Marathon Heaters Private Limited is India’s premier heater manufacturing company, focusing on manufacturing and supplying high-quality thermal engineering products, accessories and services according to specific client needs. The company started in 2007 with a joint venture between Marathon Heaters Inc. USA and Tempsens Instruments India. Marathon Heaters became a fully independent company in 2016, committed to bringing rapid growth and providing exceptional customer services. We are also part of the Pyrotech group, established by four technocrats in 1976 at Udaipur, Rajasthan. Today, we serve Indian and global customers with world-class manufacturing facilities in India, Indonesia and Germany. Being one of the largest solution providers for thermal engineering products, we are equipped with modern infrastructure and competent engineers for manufacturing the finest thermal engineering technologies.   


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