Aluminium Foil Heater

Electric resistance heaters with foil backing are being produced to fulfil specific specifications for size, shape, layout, cut-outs, lead wire, and lead termination. The heaters can be provided with dual wattages, dual voltages, built-in temperature control, and sensors. The aluminium foil heaters can be mechanically affixed with rivets, sheet metal screws, or other mechanical devices, or they can be mounted to a surface using an integrated adhesive. For more demanding applications, a semi-rigid aluminium backing plate delivers structural support.

The aluminium foil heater has moisture resistance and is very low-cost compared to other heaters. It can be easily installed with an adhesive blocking system, and the highly flexible and high thermal conductivity of aluminium foil makes it possible to regulate the temperature quickly. For the power supply, a 3.5 (customizable) meter cold lead with XLPE or silicon insulation and PVC sheathing is used. It uses high-grade aluminium foil that can sustain a temperature range of up to 650°C. Furthermore, the temperature of the cable will be maintained at 150 °C for continuous operation. Temperature can be controlled using thermal regulators (thermostats).

Construction Data:

Resistance Wire Alloy Alloy-  Nichrome 80/ Alloy 875/ Alloy 815/ Nickel 200/ Alloy 30/ Alloy 15/ Alloy 10/ Alloy 5/ Alloy 27 / Alloy 50/Copper/ Stainless Steel/ Customize.
Power Range 50 – 3600 Watt
Voltage range 12,24,110,220 Volt
Heating Material Aluminum Foil sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminum
Max. Continuous Temperature 200°C
Insulation Type XLPE/Silicon/FEP/ETFE/ECTFE/FPA/PTFE/Customized.
Cold Lead XLPE/Silicon Insulated 105°C
Cold Lead Connection Type Crimp with Connector


  • Maintaining the ideal temperature for food on serving utensils such buffet tables, warming boxes and cabinets, salad bars, chafers, and other similar items
  • To heat equipment such as cylinders, test tube heaters, magnetic stirrers, chambers, containers, pipelines, beakers, and more.
  • In order to supply heat for equipment such as incubators, blood warmers, in vitro fertilization heaters, operating tables, befouled warmers, anesthetic heaters, and more
  • To provide radiant heat
  • To prevent condensation on mirrors and battery warming
  • Defense against freezing or maintaining temperature in vertical or horizontal tanks
  • Protection from freezing for plate heat exchangers.
  • Electronic or electric control box anti-condensation
  • Refrigerated display cabinets, household items, and medical equipment anti-condensation.

Note- For custom design requirements please contact sales@marathonheat.com

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Technical Specifications

Material FEP/PFA/ETFE/PTFE/XLPE/Silicon//Customize Insulated Wire
Resistance Range at 20°C 3500 Ohm/m – 0.169 Ohm/m
Applied Voltage 12, 24,110, 230V customize single Phase
Watt Density Up to 40 watt/m
Temperature Range Up to 200°c
Standard width 50, 100, 150, 200 and 400 mm
  • Earthing of the aluminum sheets.
  • Voltage – any voltage on request
  • Resistance to moisture
  • Easy to Install (when ordered with the adhesive backing)
  • Low mass means fast heat-up time
  • High flexibility
  • Material -Full body aluminum foil.