Mica Band Heater

Mica band heaters offer efficient and economical solutions for heating cylindrical surfaces that require external indirect heating. They are ideal solution for high watt density and high temperature application. It uses nickel chromium resistance strip as heating element which is precisely wound on a dielectric material for even heat distribution. The heating element is insulated within a mica core enclosed in a metal sheath which provides exceptional insulation, dielectric strength and heat transfer capability for faster heat up and longer heater life. Heaters can incorporate various sized holes and cut-outs and are customizable for various dimensions, wattages, voltages and materials to suit different applications requirements. Mica band heaters can also accommodate built in thermocouple which helps in controlling temperature more accurately. Thermocouples can be type “J” or type type “K”, grounded or ungrounded.

Options :
Max. Sheath Temperature  425 ‘C
Voltage  120 V & 240V, Single Phase, 2 Phase, 3 Phase
Watt Density Up to 45 W/in2
Minimum Diameter 2”
Minimum width 1”
Regular gap 3/8”
Terminal Enclosure Regular or moisture-resistant terminal box
Control Thermostat or Thermocouple

Note- For custom design requirements please contact the factory.

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aximum Allowable Watt Density in Watt/Sq. Inch


CYLINDRICAL TEMP OC 94 150 205 260 315 370 425
1.5-3” I.D. 52 51 50 46 41 37 29
3-10” I.D. 47 46 45 42 38 33 25
20 41 40 39 36 31 27 20


  1. SS/GI Sheath for good thermal conductivity and oxidation/ corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.
  2. Mica Insulation provides excellent electrical insulation and resistant to moisture.
  3. Clamping band designed to maintain clamping pressure and firm contact with the cylinder surface thus eliminating air gaps at the contact
  4. Nickel-Chromium resistance strip evenly wound for uniform heat distribution and reliable accuracy
  5. Terminal Box to provide protection against exposed terminals and helps guard terminals from spill over’s, dripping
  6.  Lead Protection is available where abrasion is a problem
  7. Stainless Steel screw terminals for maximum amperage carrying capacity and a firm connection with the winding

Termination Options

Fibreglass Lead & Stainless Steel Braid Terminations
Order Type L1/B1

Leads exiting both sides of the gap is standard unless otherwise specified. High-temperature fibreglass leads are rated to 455°C. Standard lead length is 10”

Order Type L2/B2

Lead wires exiting 180 degrees from the gap is common on the nozzle heater applications. 1.5” of sleeve protection is standard on lead exits.


Order Type L3/B3

Leads exiting straight out the side is available on any construction. Leads exit through a brass eyelet



Order Type L4/B4

Leads may exit at a right angle out of cap from any position on the heater. 1.5” of sleeve protection is standard

Order Type L5/B5


Lead wires on one side of the gap are available on any construction

Order Type L6/B6

Stainless Steel spring provides extra support, protecting leads from sharp bends


Special Constructions

Two-piece construction is available for easy installation and removal (Min. I.D. 3”)

Euro Plug

European type plugs are available upon request (1” x 1.75” x 1”)

Terminal Box

Terminal boxes are excellent for preventing electrical shock or electrical shorts. Terminals boxes are available on any clamping or construction style.


Expandable Mica Heaters allow you to open the heaters to the diameters of the barrel for easy installation (Min. I.D. 3″)


Band Heaters can be manufactured with custom holes or slots for thermocouples or special mounting needs. Minimum of 1/2” is required from the hole to the edge of the heater.


Box or rectangular heaters are efficient for heating dies on plastic extruders or the barrels of twin extruders. They can be manufactured in one or two-piece construction.

  • Injection, Extrusion and Moulding Processes
  • Plastic Processing Industry,
  • Chemical Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Oil Lubricating Unit
  • External Tank And Vessel Heating
  • Blown Film Dies

    Advantages :

  • Various shape options in mica strip heater
  • Reasonably high temp
  • Good efficiency
  • Good lifetime
  • Low cost

Less in thickness