Constant wattage Series Heat Tracing Cable

Series resistance-type heater cables use single or multiple resistive conductors to create a heating circuit. Power output of these cables is relatively constant and as voltage is applied, the power output is determined by a combination of the length of the cable and the overall resistance of the conductor. heating cable’s current and resistance is equal to all length heating cable, so the heating value of each unit is equally, not result in the power of terminal end is lower than beginning end with the increasing length of heating cable, so it is suit for long line pipes and large diameter pipe’s heat tracing or temp. maintenance, the cable can NOT cut to be length.


1. Bus wires
2. Bus Wire Insulation
3. Heating wire
4. Braiding
5. Outer Jacket

Construction Data

Buswire size Nichrome / Copper Nickel
Heating element Insulation PTFE
Inner Jacket PTFE
Braiding Tinne Copper Braid
Outjacket PTFE

Maximum Circuit Length(M)

Voltage – 230 VAC
Model Wattage Conductor Size (mm)2 Resistance 20°C Ohms/m
CWSHT 40 1.3 0.01492
50 2.1 0.009449
60 3.3 0.005945
70 5.3 0.003478

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Cable Specifications

Output wattage at 10°C Customize W/M
Braiding covering area Over 85%
Surface temperature 200°C
Max. exposure temperature 230°C
Maximum Circuit Length 3 KM
Min Bending radius 45 mm
Voltage 230 V / Customise
Insulation Red