Floor Heating Cables

Nothing matches to radiant floor heating. It is more comfortable than any other type of heating system. Radiant floor heating is the most energy-efficient way of delivering heat. There is no other floor heating option that compares in terms of comfort. Radiant floor heating is a low-temperature technology that may be regulated individually in each area. Because it warms the people and item directly rather than heating air. In most circumstances, radiant floor heating cables may save 20 to 40% of energy compared to other forms of heating system. With digital electronic thermostat, these are completely customizable for maximum comfort and efficiency. The thermostat is regulated to provide optimal economic functioning of the floor heating cable, not the W/m of the heating cable, which determines energy usage. The following are some of the benefits of heating cables: Free of Aging : The conductor element is protected from thermal ageing by various high grade insulation. Once installed, the floor heating cable has a life span equal to that of the building. Maintenance Free : Electrical floor heating cables require minimal maintenance since they do not have any moving parts, unlike hydronic cables, which include valves and other components that require periodic maintenance, tubes in a hydronic system can also get clogged as a result of pollution and must be replaced on a regular basis. Very thin : The diameter of the cable is less than that of cables with different insulations, such as PVC. It simplifies the laying process. The rise in floor level during installation is minimized as a result of this aspect. Moisture Resistant : Shielded & insulated floor heating cables are specifically developed for use in areas where moisture is a problem too, such as bathrooms.

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Shielding Coverage 100% Coverage
Bending Radius 5 times of cable thickness
Jacketing Heat Resistant and Flame Retardant Jacketing
Flexibility of Cable Excellent Flexibility for easy installation
Long Cold Lead 3.5 meter cold tail (Can be customized as per requirement)
Bending radius 5 times*cable thickness
Comfort Higher degrees of comfort can be achieved by using heating cables with close
and consistent spacing, as well as thermostat to determine temperature
Range Standard heat loads are available in 100 watt to 3300 watt.
As part of the offered product range, several sizes for various types / sizes of
flooring are also available
Custom-Built In addition to this broad range, cables can be customized to meet specific
length requirements, as well as heat loads and voltage needs.