Bundle Rod Heater

Marathon make Bundle rod heater consists of circular ceramic disc that hold the heating elements. In combination with the radiant tubes which delivers high power, avoid refractory corrosion and avoid the gas impurity in process materials. These design for long life and maintenance free operation. The element can be provided in ferritic alloys up to 1250° C and NiCr alloy up to 1100°C materials.

Bundle rod heater is used with combination of radiant tubes which delivers high power, avoid refractory corrosion and avoid the gas impurity in process materials.

Radiant TubeStainless steel SS grade, Incoloy, PMD, Cast alloys
Thickness of Tube1.5 to 8mm
Length of Tube300 to 5000mm (custmize diameter & length)
HangersMara FeCrAl, NiCr  80/20
FlangeMS, SS grade
Thermocouple PocketAlumina Tube(ceramic)
ControlThermocouple, RTD’s, Thermostat for temperature controlling


  • Terminal Rod: Carries the power supply wiring. Usually made of SS 310 or INCOLOY. Number of rods depend upon the supply connection.
  • Center Rod: Used to provide central support to the heater. Usually made of SS 310 or INCOLOY. Is longer than the terminal rods.
  • Ceramic Disc: Used to encompass all the heating elements to form a bundle. Made of Alumina. Usually flower shape.
  • Fiber Disc: Used to hold the terminal rods and central rod together. Inserted in the cold zone of the heater. Made of ceramic fiber.

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 Heating Element Material  Ferritic alloy powder metallurgical element , Mara FeCrAl, NiCr 80/20
 Power  1 kw to 75 kw
 Cold Resistance Tolerance   ≤3%
   Max. Temperature   upto 1250 ° C
   Heater Parameter  Customized  Power Rating,Voltage,Resistance, Length, Diameter
    Fiber Disc   Customized
   Voltage   240 or 480 V AC
  • Primary aluminium holding and melting furnace
  • Galvanizing furnace in steel industries
  • Heat treatment furnace in automotive industries
  • Annealing furnace
  •  Carburizing furnace


  • Reduces CO2 emissions by eliminating flue gases and controllable aural various heat treatment furnace, to avoid the contact of burning outcome or to avoid the corrosion of furnace gas to heating element
  • The control of temperature, assemble and maintenance are very convenient and can be easy to seal.
  • Strong heating ability and high efficiency
  • The refractory steel materials save.
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Minimized environmental impact
  • Longer working life and better technical properties
  • Higher surface load & resistivity
  • Free from oxide debris
  •  Economiccost with High watt density output.