Heating Skid

Marathon manufactures  Heating Skids which are a sub-assembly of a complete Fuel Gas Filtration Packages Skids or Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems. These systems are used to preheat the fuel gas to the desired temperature at specific pressure and flow rate, before feeding to the actual process (or equipment such as Gas operated Turbines, generators or other process applications). This system can also be used for superheating the gas for other industrial applications.

They are specially designed to monitor, control the Gas flow with multiple safety features for the risk-free operation. Also, by considering the incoming gas properties along environmental conditions to achieve the desired outlet flow conditions.

As the demand for more versatile unit applications are growing in recent years,  we have increased the number of skids, giving rise to a new design range. Thus we manufacture mobile heaters shaped as Compact Skids, of application in both heating and cooling process. We perform “customized” executions by designing each skid in accordance with the requirements of the end-user, either composed of thermal oil heater or only recirculation units or secondary groups. The main targets of these skids are petrochemicals and asphalt sector; the automotive industry or the wood sector, for heating presses etc.
A Typical P & ID is as shown in the picture.

Each of our  Fuel Gas Heater Skid is custom-made to suit respective process specifications.

A Typical Fuel Gas Heater Skid consist of:-

  1. Electric heater bundle.
  2. Pressure vessel or housing for the heater bundle.
  3. Control Panel for the Heater operation control.
  4. Temperature sensors such as RTD’s, Thermocouples, Temperature transmitters.
  5. Pressure safety valve.
  6. Valves for flow control.
  7. Power & instrument wiring.
  8. Skid base for easy installation at site.

Note: Additional scope such as extended piping, scrubber installation, Instrumentation for flow, pressure & level monitoring, etc. can be provided for specific requirement.


Note- For custom design requirements please contact sales@marathonheat.com


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Design &controls

  1. The pressure parts & equipment are designed in accordance with the code requirements such as ASME Sec. VIII Div. l or II and PED etc.
  2. The Heater bundle is designed to install in hazardous area zone 1 & amp; 2, Gas group IIC, temperature class (T1 to T6), with IP 66 protection in accordance with ATEX & amp; IEC Ex Standards.
  3. The Control Panel can be of thyristor control or contactor bases depending upon the operational requirements.
  4. The control panel is designed to install in hazardous area zone 1 & 2, Gas group IIC, temperature class T6, with IP 65 protection in accordance with ATEX CCOE Standards.
  5. All the Instruments selected are suitable for hazardous area installation with suitable certifications.
  6. Alternatively, if the ratings are high, the system can also be divided into two parts with heating system and instruments in one skid and control Panel suitable for safe area installation (mounted in the panel room with extended wirings).
  7. Pressure vessels can be code stamped (U or U2) or PED or DOSH Certified.
  8. Raw materials for vessel and piping’s can be carbon steel, low-temperature carbon steels, SS, duplex steel or alloys.
  9. Marathon can design and supply fuel gas heater system suitable for hazardous area installation with an ambient temperature range of -40°C to 60 °C.
  • Single point piping connections for flow and return.
  • Optional stainless-steel terminal box and control panel.
  • Single point terminations for field power and instrumentation cabling.