Hot Melt Heated Hose

The heated hoses feed the hot melt from the basic appliance to the applicator system, ensuring that the properties of the adhesive are preserved. The heated hoses are designed to last longer and guarantee a constant temperature over the full length to remain char free and prevent changes in the glue viscosity. The hot melt hoses are very flexible, can be laid out at will and serve to connect movable appliances systems.

High-tech components are used to create the Marathon Heater created and produced for Use glue systems. For manual handgun and robotic applications, Marathon Hoses are very flexible. They are further reinforced to avoid any external and internal structural deformation brought on by rapid motions.

  • Complete adherence to Use systems
  • PTFE hose of high grade can withstand continuous temperatures of 250° c and burst pressures of four times working pressure.
  • Under high temperature working conditions, PTFE heavy-duty Teflon is impervious to all solvents, acids, and harsh adhesives

Construction Data:

Pressure Hoses Heavy Duty PTFE Hose
Rain Force Braid Stainless Steel Braided 100%
Voltage range 230 Volt AC/ 50,60HZ
Independent Heating Alloy-  Nichrome 80/ Alloy 875/ Alloy 815/ Nickel 200/ Alloy 30/ Alloy 15/ Alloy 10/ Alloy 5/ Alloy 27 / Alloy 50/Copper/ Stainless Steel/ Customize
Thermal Insulation Fiber Glass tape/Silicone foam
Temperature Sensor XLPE/Silicon/FEP/ETFE/ECTFE/FPA/PTFE/Customized.
End Cap Hard Cap
Power Cable Silicon
Fittings Carbon stainless steel


  • Robust Hoses
  • Glue Machine
  • Maintaining Viscosity


Note- For custom design requirements please contact sales@marathonheat.com

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Technical Specifications

Hoses Material PTFE 250°C Grade
Braiding SS Braid 304
Fiberglass Tape 500 °C
Independent Element Alloy-  Nichrome  80/ Alloy 875/ Alloy 815/ Nickel 200/ Alloy 30/Alloy 15/ Alloy 10/ Alloy 5/ Alloy 27 / Alloy 50/Copper/ Customize
Resistance (ohm/m)    3500 ohm/m -0.169 Ohm/m
Max. Working (BAR)    300
Max Bursting (BAR)    Up to 1900
Maximum working Temperature    Up to 250°C
Outer Jacket    Nylon Braid/Polyamide Braid Black/Customized
Sensor    RTD/Thermocouple