Low Temperature Self Regulating Heat Tracing Cable

Marathon Heaters self regulating heating cable provide the most versatility in heat trace design and applications. Constructed of a Semi-conductive heater matrix extruded between parallel bus wires, a self regulating cable adjusts its output to independently respond to ambient temperatures all along its length. As temperatures increase, the heater’s resistance increase which lower the output wattage. Conversely, as the temperature decrease, the resistance decreases and the cable produces more heat. So it is no need thermostat in some applications. It will never overheat or burnout even when wrapped by itself(overlapped). It can be cut to any length. So it is a convenient ,easy use and energy saving product.


1. Bus wires
2. Semi-conductive self regulating matrix
3. Inner Jacket
4. Copper /Nickle plated copper
5. Outer Jacket

Construction data

Buswire size 0.9 mm /1.3mm tinned copper/ NPC
Heating elements PTC
Insulation Polyolefin


Graph of LTSRH

Max length(m)vs circuit breaker size

AC220V Max circuit length(m) vs CB size
Model Start-up temp.°C 16A 20A 32A
LTSRH 10 78 90 118
0 56 65 82
-20 45 50 59
-40 30 33 41

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Output wattage at 10°C 10, 15, 25, 30, 35 W/M
Braiding covering area Over 85%
Max. maintain temp @ 10°C 65°C
Max. exposure temp. 105°C
Min.installation temp. -40°C
Bending radius 5 times*cable thickness
Voltage 208-277 V
Insulation color Black
Regular size to insulation 10*4mm (Width*Thickness)