Mineral Insulated Heat Tracing Cable

A mineral Insulated (MI) cable essentially consists of one or two conductors of copper or alloy embedded in dielectric magnesium oxide insulation and surrounded by an Incoloy 825 sheath. These cables are recognized for their high temperature service and excellent protection against corrosion. Suitable for high temperature and harsh environments. Long circuit lengths and Uniform power along the entire length


  1. Conductor
  2. Insulation Material
  3. Sheath Material

Construction Data

Sheath Material Alloy 825 / SS of 300X range / Customise
Number of Conductors 1, 2 & 4
Conductor Material Nichrome80/20, Copper, CopperNickel resistance alloy / Customise
Insulation Material MGO


Maximum Circuit Length(M)

Voltage – 230 VAC
Model Diameter (mm) Max. Circuit Length ( meter)
MIHT 2 300
3 200
4 120
6 60
8 30
10 18

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Dual Side Welded Cold Region MI Cable


Welded Cold Region MI Cable

Extended Cold Region (ECR) MI Cable

Cable Specifications

Output wattage at 10°C Customize W/M
Surface temperature 800°C
Max. exposure temperature 955°C
Min Bending radius 3D ( D – pipe OD)
Voltage 230 V / Customize