MIca band heater

Mica Band Heaters: Conduction Heating Technology

What Are Mica Band Heaters?

Mica band heaters are a type of electric heater that clamps around and transfers heat to different types of surfaces. Mica band heaters are typically used to heat flat and cylinder-shaped surfaces. All of these heaters operate on the basis of electrical conduction, though some may use a combination of electrical conduction and convection. Some band heaters clamp around the inner diameter of a surface, while the majority of applications requires clamping of heater around the outer diameter of a cylindrical element in order to transfer heat from the outside.

Mica band heaters consists of mica, which act as an insulating mineral. Heating element is wrapped around the mica core and together, they are bent to form the mica heater. Although mica heaters can only reach a maximum temperature of 850 degrees Fahrenheit, their resistance to water and chemicals makes them a popular choice for harsh operating environments.

It is a cost economical as well as reliable heater, designed with the high quality nickel-chromium heating element, enclosed in a lightweight assembly for fast heat transfer. Furthermore, temperature control can be offered to ensure that the heater operates as needed. Mica band heaters are a cost-effective as well as an efficient way to heat cylindrical and flat surfaces that need external heating.

These types of heaters are widely used in a variety of industries due to their durability and flexibility. Marathon heaters has been a reliable and industry-leading supplier of mica band heaters for many years. Depending on the various industrial applications, we can also provide band heaters with various clamping techniques and construction styles (one-piece band, two-piece band).


1.     Mica insulation for providing insulation as well as resistance to moisture.

2.     Nickel-Chromium Resistance Stripes must beevenly wounded for steady heat distribution as well as dependable accuracy.

3.     SS or aluminium sheath for better thermal conductivity and high-temperature oxidation/corrosion resistance.

4.     A terminal box to safeguard exposed terminals and stop spills.

5.     Stainless steel screw terminals for a solid connection with the winding as well as maximum amperage carrying capacity.

6.     The clamping band is made to maintain clamping pressure and solid contact with the surface of the cylinder, thereby removing air gaps at the contact.

Mica band construction

How do mica band heater work?

These heaters operate on either the conduction or convection principle. The heating element is encased in a metal sheath and insulated within a mica core. For even heat distribution, a nickel-chromium resistance strip is used as a heating element that is precisely wound on a dielectric material. After supplying power, the heating band will use a controlled method to transfer the heat to another object. Convection or conduction heating technology is then used to deliver this useful heat energy to the desired location.

Specifications of mica band heaters

Marathon Heaters has been manufacturing flexible mica band heaters that can be customized to meet the industrial applications. We can supply them in any width starting at 40mm, with a minimum thickness of 6mm, and inside diameters starting at 25mm.Mica band heaters can be manufactured in single- or three-phase configurations with customizable wattage and voltage.

High watt densities of up to 30 watts per square inch are possible due to the thin-profile design, which also enables quick heat transfer from the element to the sheath for effective operation up to 450 degrees Celsius. Flexible mica band heaters made by us can also have a built-in thermocouple, which plays a significant role in temperature control. Thermocouples can be of type “J” or type “K”, grounded or ungrounded. Furthermore, heaters can have different sized holes and cut-outs and can be customized for different dimensions, wattages, voltages, and materials to meet the needs of different applications.

  • Sheath Material

The heating elements on band heaters have a sheath around them as an outer layer of protection. Sheath options by us include SS as well as GI coated with aluminium.

  • Insulation

Mica insulation is opted for its excellent electrical insulating properties as well as high resistance to acids and heat.

  • Mounting

Mounting refers to the clamping or attachment of heater with the object to be heated. There are numerous mounting options provided by us, including barrel nuts, bar pin holders, and Allen key bolts.

  • Termination Type

Termination type describes the technique used to connect the heater’s electrical system. There are multiple choices offered by us for the termination type, as shown in the image below.

Mica band termination

Marathon’s customized constructions

  1. For simple installation and removal, two-piece construction is available.
  2. European-type plugs.
  3. Terminal boxes are available in a variety of clamping and construction styles.
  4. Expandable mica heaters for easy installation, allowing you to open the heaters to the diameter of the barrel.
  5. Custom slots or holes for thermocouples or unique mounting requirements can be added.
  6. Box or rectangular heaters for heating dies on plastic extruders.


Band heaters are generally used to deliver heat around a pipe, tube, cylindrical vessel, as well as flat surfaces. Moreover, mica band heaters are commonly used in applications that necessitates a lower temperature. Furthermore, it can also tolerate some bending, resist water as well as chemicals and can withstand mechanical vibrations.

The ability to implement holes and cutouts, various termination styles, and clamping options are all possible. As a result, mica-insulated band heaters are widely utilized in wide range of applications, particularly plastics. The mica band heater can be used for a number of applications, including:

  • Blow Molding Machines
  • Drum Heating
  • Extrusion Die
  • Plastic Extruders
  • Plastic Injection Molding Machines
  • Paper Processing Equipment
  • Food Processing Industries.
  • External Tank and Vessel Heating.
  • Blown Film Dies.


Marathon heater is a top manufacturer of industrial heating solutions, including mica band heaters. As a manufacturer of custom heating elements, we are aware that industrial applications demand distinctive designs for heaters. And therefore, we have the technical knowledge, and manufacturing capacity to produce mica heaters with customized designs in a practical way.

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