Wax Heater

What to choose for heating wax?

Wax is the most commonly used organic chemical substance that needs to be heated very often. Wax is a broad class of organic compounds that are hydrophobic and malleable at ambient temperature. They have a low viscosity rating because they generally have melting points above 40 °C (104 °F) and higher alkanes as well as lipids. 


Liquefied wax was stored in 500-liter tanks at a processing facility. He needed the tank to reach 40 degrees Celsius in an hour from 20 degrees. But his issue was that gas heaters had initially been installed for the job, which brought difficulties like uneven heat distribution and fumes inside the working area.

Solution provided by Marathon

Knowing that the tank had a small opening at the top that provided a pathway to the liquid, we suggested an over-the-side immersion heater for the operation. Because the tank’s dimensions were big, the total wattage requirement exceeded the wattage capacity of a single heater. In order to meet the customer’s heating requirements, several heaters of equal wattage and size were added to the same tank. These over-the-side immersion heaters had tubular heating elements that covered the tank’s height and width, but not its bottom. The low watt density of these heaters ensures a long life and prevents deposits from forming on the elements. To control the heat, an RTD was installed. Due to the small temperature variations, we did not feel the need to install a digital controller. And hence, a long-term solution to the customer’s problem was provided.

Some benefits of over-the-side immersion heaters:

  • Over the side immersion heater is strong enough to withstand many harsh environments both indoors and outdoors and are an exceptional choice for projects with limited budgets.
  • Rugged and light weight construction.
  • Portable as well as durable.
  • To keep the element above sediments, the heater has sludge legs.
  • Simple to integrate with heat sensing and control equipment.
  • When compared to gas heating, the heat up time is quick and adjustable.