Why ceramic bobbin heaters are best for heating liquids and gases?


Is there any part of your application that requires warm air or fluid at a constant temperature? Looking for a way to make the job easier? The solution is ceramic bobbin heaters, which are known to be among the most effective electric industrial heaters manufactured by us. These heaters are available in various specifications and are used in numerous industrial heating applications in a reliable manner. They are simple to use and have low installation costs.

This blog is all about everything you need to know about ceramic bobbin heaters as well as their features.

What are ceramic bobbin heaters?

Bobbin heaters, as the name indicates, are constructed of ceramic blocks known as bobbins, which have high dielectric strength. These bobbins are made of high-temperature insulators and are available in a variety of diameters as well as lengths. They are connected together with each other up to the required length and wattage. Furthermore, these bobbin heaters have heating elements that are partially exposed to the air for better heat transfer. The main advantage of bobbin heaters is that the length and cold zones can be easily adjusted as per application needs.

Ceramic bobbin
Ceramic bobbins

Bobbin heaters are primarily used for direct heating of air and indirect heating of liquids and gases, and are further inserted into a passage in the tank or system. They are extremely energy efficient as the heat is generated entirely within the solution.

Additionally, other controls and temperature sensors for precise temperature controlling as well as sensing can be incorporated into the ceramic bobbin heaters. It can be used alone (without the radiant tube) for direct heating of the air. But, they can also be inserted into the radiant tube and mounted on the flange to heat the liquids. The bobbin heater transfers heat to the radiant tube, which then transfers heat to the surrounding fluid (which needs to be heated).

As the most trusted bobbin heater manufacturer, we use high-quality raw materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the heater operates properly. These bobbin immersion heaters come in a variety of sizes and are used to heat air as well as different liquids. These heaters are typically manufactured for horizontal mounting but may be specifically designed for vertical installation by marathon heaters, depending on the requirements of the project.


Bobbin immersion heaters consist of ceramic bobbins, heating element, terminal pins, and center rods.

  1. Ceramic blocks, known as bobbins which can withstand high-temperature and provide excellent dielectric strength are put together to the required length.
  2. For maximum life and consistent heat distribution, high-resistance heating elements, generally made of Nichrome 80/20, are stretched and assembled in ceramic blocks or bobbins.
  3. To support the entire structure, the center rod is inserted through the bobbin’s center hole.
  4. For power supply, which can be single phase, two phase, or three phase, the heating terminal is connected to a terminal block at one end.
Construction of ceramic bobbin heater

What are the features of bobbin immersion heaters?

Ceramic bobbin heaters are specifically developed and manufactured to satisfy the need for energy conservation. We offer the best bobbin immersion heaters that can be manufactured to work with customizable voltage or wattage.

We make them in lengths beginning at 150mm, with bobbin diameters ranging from 25 to 93 mm. They can be used for low-density heating at temperatures up to 600 °C with watt densities ranging from 1 to 10 W/cm2. Also, when inserted into a radiant tube, it offers larger surface area for heating of liquid or semi-solid materials. The thickness of the radiant tube varies from 1.5 to 4mm. The sheath material used is acid-resistant material having tendency to withstand higher temperatures without any failure.

Ceramic bobbin heaters are used for heating fluids or gas in different industrial applications. These heaters are adaptable and can be designed for any liquid tank heating application due to the longer life of the elements.

It is considered as one of the most efficient heaters for maintaining a constant elevated temperature in liquids and gases. The best feature of this heater is that it may be removed or replaced without removing the contents present inside the vessel or tank.

Benefits of ceramic bobbin heaters

  • Energy-efficient because all of the heat emitted remains within the solution.
  • For enhanced heat transfer, the elements are partly open to the air.
  • High physical and mechanical strength
  • Good insulation as well as dielectric strength.
  • Less emissions of carbon and other harmful gases.


Although bobbin heaters are commonly used in heating of gases and liquids, the following are some specific applications of bobbin heaters:

  • Heating fluids in boilers
  • Used for heating air/gas in oven
  • Furnace heating
  • Oil tank heating
  • Baking Industry
  • Water and salt bath
  • Heating water as well as chemical storage tanks.
  • In heating liquids or semi-solid materials like wax, oil, and bitumen, etc.


We are manufacturing bobbin immersion heaters from many years using the most advanced technology and machinery. Since we have a facility on-site, we can offer our customers bobbin heaters in a variety of lengths. Furthermore, we also put them through a number of quality tests to ensure their working conditions and long lifespan.

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