Metal Processing Industry

Ore processing facilities require temperature maintenance in furnaces and containers. Marathon Heater products are manufactured to last in corrosive areas often found in the mining and metals industries. Some of the applications in metal processing industry are steel galvanizing and processing, aluminium primary production and secondary processing.

Industrial heaters are broadly used in the steel industry at every step. Gigantic steel plants are in continuous need of industrial heaters in numerous numbers. Furnaces are necessary to give steel the desired properties by heating to particular temperatures and profiles thereby determining the grain structure within the metal, and to prepare for further processing such as galvanizing. Steel galvanizing process can use Immersion heaters for containers and bundle rod heaters or radiant tubes or edge wound heaters for galvanizing furnaces. In fact, radiant tubes in combination with bundle rod heaters are a perfect fit for metal furnaces. Duct heaters are used for Air separation plant (Oxygen plant) in steel melting and Radiant tubes are used in ammonia cracking generators to be used for annealing of steel. The soaking furnace is required to maintain strip temperature and is heated with the help of industrial heaters. MARATHON HEATER (INDIA) PVT. LTD. has supplied products in major projects in India and abroad.

Apart from the steel industry, another large consumer of industrial heaters is aluminium processing plants, both in primary production and secondary aluminium processing. High quality thermal solution technology is provided in holding, melting and homogenizing furnace through bundle rod heaters (with accessories such as radiant tubes and hangers) oredge wound heatersor Silicon Carbide Heaters as applicable. For preheating of sow caster Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) Heating Elements are commonly preferred. In addition to this, Tubular immersion heaters have found wide acceptance in HTM oil heating application. Open coil heaters or open coil duct heaters are the common mode of heat transfer for heating incoming air.