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Underfloor Heating Mats

Underfloor Heating Mats are more comfortable than any other type of heating system. Radiant heating through underfloor heating mat is the most energy-efficient way of delivering heat. There is no other floor heating option that compares in terms of comfort because it warms the people and items directly rather than heating air.

Underfloor Heating Cables

Equipped with a digital thermostat, underfloor heating cables provide customizable heating for maximum comfort and efficiency. The thermostat ensures optimal economic functioning of the heating system, prioritizing comfort while minimizing energy usage. Experience unmatched warmth and efficiency with underfloor heating cables.

Aluminium Foil Heater

Electric resistance heaters with foil backing are being produced to fulfil specific specifications for size, shape, layout, cut-outs, lead wire, and lead termination. The heaters can be provided with dual wattages, dual voltages, built-in temperature control, and sensors. The aluminium foil heaters can be mechanically affixed with rivets, sheet metal screws, or other mechanical devices, or they can be mounted to a surface using an integrated adhesive.

Frost Free Heating Cables

Marathon Frost Protection Heating Cable is a must-have for colder climates, preventing water freezing in pipelines and ensuring continuous flow. With built-in thermostatic control, it’s ideal for mountainous areas and regions where temperatures drop below freezing, keeping water pipelines and containers functional.

Snow Melting Cables

Marathon Roof & Gutter Snow Melting Cables ensure efficient de-icing with direct heating for rapid snow removal. Easy to install and control, they’re perfect for various applications including apartment roofs and driveways. With insulated construction for energy efficiency, Marathon cables prevent roof damage and icicles, offering peace of mind year-round.

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