Fuel Oil Handling System

The fuel oil handling system is designed to deliver the fuel oil to
the utility point ( boiler, furnace, etc.) at a suitable process
temperature and pressure. The system mainly consists of an
unloading hose, suction and discharge strainers, transfer skid,
pumps, heating unit, bulk storage tank, day tank & process
piping. The fuel oil handling system covers the unloading of
oil, its storage, and transfer to the day oil tanks.

  • Unloading System : used for unloading the fuel from wagons or tankers through flexible hoses / tube.
  •  Storage Tanks : used to store unloaded fuel oil from the wagons / tankers. These storage tanks are heated to maintain a suitable temperature through the tank immersion heater.
  • Transfer Line and piping : the fuel oil is transferred from main oil tanks to the day oil tank using the transfer pump, to maintain the desired temperature of fuel oil in the process utility pipe, the inline heater & heat trace cables are used. and also involves use of a suction strainers, process pipe and control valves, Process control instruments.
  • Pumping and inline heating system : Pressurizing and heating of fuel oil to supply to utility point at required pressure temperature condition. This unit consists of an inline heater, process control instruments and valves.
  • Major component of Fuel Oil Handling System : This skid involves the use of a Storage Tank, Pump, Hose / Pipe, Strainer, Heater & Heating Cable, Valves, Control Panel, Process Control Instruments (Pressure, Flow, Temperature).
  • Marathon Heater provide a complete FOHS design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation, assembly, testing, and commissioning of the various types of fuel stored (LDO, HSD, HFO, Naphtha's, etc.).