Fibreglass Hopper Heater

Hopper Surface Heating Systems keep temperatures over the dew points for moisture and acids. For ESP Hoppers, Bag House Hoppers, Material & Dust Collector Hoppers, and Fiberglass Cloth Hopper Heaters, we develop and manufacture these heaters. It provides even heat transfer over the surface, preventing any hot spots or carbonization of the substance. It is simple to manage and has a consistent temperature. The elements loosely follow the vessel surface temperature and are made to operate in the black-heat area.

The electrical Fiberglass Hopper heating pad is made up of highly resistivity of wire heating components and are insulated by two braids of glass-fiber yarn/ PTFE/PFA/FEP these type of fluoropolymer. The element is once more sandwiched between two layers of tightly woven glass cloth and distributed out over the carrier at a consistent pitch. The heating element is connected to power supply through fiberglass insulated and silicon rubber sheathed cable. Series /parallel type of circuit are used in heating element design.

Construction Data:

Resistance Wire Alloy Alloy – Nichrome 80/ Alloy 875/ Alloy 815/ Nickel 200/ Alloy 30/ Alloy 15/ Alloy 10/ Alloy 5/ Alloy 27 / Alloy 50/Copper/ Stainless Steel/ Customize.
Power Range 50 – 3600 watt
Voltage range 12,24,110,230 Volt
Heating Material Fiberglass Cloth (Sand witch) with woven cloth carrier
Maximum Temperature Up to 300°C
Insulation Type Fluor polymer /Customized with Braided.
Cold Lead Silicon Insulated 200°C
Cold Lead Connection Type Crimp Type with Connector


  • Bag house Hoppers
  • Material and Dust-Collector Hoppers
  • Vessel / Drum heating
  • Concrete Mold
  • Storage Tanks Viscosity control and freeze protection
  • Low Temperature Ovens
  • Concrete  Curing

Note- For custom design requirements please contact sales@marathonheat.com

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Technical Specifications

Material FEP/PFA/ETFE/PTFE/XLPE/Silicon//Customize Insulated Wire
Resistance Range at 20°C 3500 ohm/m – 0.169 Ohm/m
Applied  Voltage 12, 24,110, 230V customize single Phase
Watt  Density Up to 65 watt/m
Temperature Range Up to 300°C
Standard width 50, 100, 150, 200 , 400 and 500 mm
  • One piece series circuit type heating element for easy installation and low watt density.
  • Resistant to shock and vibration for uniform heating and long Life.
  • Heater is sealed with rivets, rugged construction, high temperature resistant aluminum body for long life of heater resulting in lower element temperatures.
  • Temperature monitoring & control accessories such as Thermostats, RTD, Thermocouple.