Infrared Radiant Heater

Infrared radiant heaters are electric heaters specifically designed to emit infrared heat, where heating by other means is not ideal. As they rely on infrared energy, they are able to transmit heat without losing it to the outside. Infrared heaters use either quartz element or tubular element that radiate ample amount of heat because of attaining high temperatures. Terminals are protected by waterproof housing and are used in conjunction with control panels. If the tubular elements need to be replaced, they are available at an economic cost. Different lengths and sizes are available to meet specifications. Radiant heaters are high intensity heaters and used where high temperatures are necessary. These heaters are simple, economic, easy to clean, cost effective and efficient.

Categorized as the most useful heaters, they are designed to work in large and exposed areas (indoor and outdoor) and heavy duty projects. Some areas include arenas, ice rinks, gymnasium, aircraft hangars, etc. Some industries which have realized the effectiveness of infrared heating and incorporated their benefits to provide quality services include:

· Medical: Hospitals, clinics and medical institutions implement infrared radiant heating in separating platelets from the blood, neutralizing viruses, bugs and cleaning incubators hygienically.
· Mining/Oil/Gas Industry: The mining, oil and gas industries combines infrared and microwave heat to clean the oil laced sand from the crude oil tanks, hence enhancing their productivity and quality.
· Construction/Manufacturing: Infrared radiant heaters are helpful in binding different materials together at extreme temperatures, which in turn satisfy both domestic and industrial needs.
· Thermoforming: The plastic thermoforming industry has gained wide profit margins, by reducing average expenses on thermoforming through the use of infrared heating. 

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Power Up to 10kw
Watt density 1 to 10 W/cm2
Temperature Range Up to 600°C
Heater Parameters Customizable – power rating, voltage, resistance, length, diameter and other dimensions
Control Thermocouple, thermostat for temperature controlling

Special Technique by Marathon for Radiant tube Heater:

  • Marathon applied special Boron nitride coating on Radiant tube and Hangers for preventing impurities in the furnace atmosphere (specially aluminium /zinc holding & melting furnaces) for instance flux fumes, dust, oil, volatiles, salt, sulphur, chlorine or carbon deposits which can damage/puncture the radiant tube and inside heating element.
  • One of the most important design is using straight element in place of U element to protect element shorting at high temperature.
  • Special low weight high temperature ceramic (special combination of high purity alumina and cordrite) gives high strength at high temperature and low weight so stress on tube is less.
  • Special technique to join terminal rod and center rod with additional protective rods.
  • Float glass heating.
  • Movable mould preheating.
  • Conveyorized or batch type ovens, drying, curing.
  • Industrial applications with medium intensity infrared heat: Paint spray, Booths, Drying softening resins.
  • High intensity heat application.
Conveyorized or batch type ovens, Drying, Curing Single tubular element (Type 1) The mineral insulated alloy sheath heating element prevents splashing and vibration and provides a longer service life than other source types.
De-greasing, Weld preheating, Roll heating, Drying, Sterilization Double tubular element (Type 2) Two series wired heating elements in Reflectors
Outdoor installations, Wash-down exposed areas Hairpin tubular element with moisture resistant  terminal housing (Type 3) N/A
Industrial applications with  medium intensity infrared heat: Paint spray, Booths, Curing, Drying Softening resins, Vinyl and Plastics Quartz tube (Type 4)


Horizontal mounting for tube fixtures
High intensity heat applications Double quartz tube elements

(Type 5)

Horizontal mounting for tube fixtures
High intensity radiation, on/off heating: Baking, Drying, Curing (paint, varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, softening plastics, food processing) Quartz lamp element (Type 6) Horizontal mounting for tube fixtures