Injection molding machine

Band heater for Injection molding process


The injection molding process involves heating as well as melting of synthetic resins (plastics), and then cooling them in a mold to form the designed shape. Injection molding machines widely uses band heater for nozzle heating. Plastic injection molding is used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, consumer goods, medical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and automobiles. Injection molding machines need heaters because the heating of plastic granules is necessary for the whole process.

Marathon heaters have been providing a wide range of custom band heater that can be used in injection molding to provide heat at locations within a hot runner system. These band heater are also used on plastic injection molding machines.

Advantages of band heater in injection molding process:

  • They act as good insulators because they resist corrosion and have good dielectric strength.
  • They can hold up to some amount of bending.
  • They can accommodate variety of cut-out and hole arrangements.  
  • These type of heaters can handle high amount of heat.
  • Economical as well as reliable.
  • Efficient heat as well as energy transfer.
band heater

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